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R. Scott Peterson is a retired veteran United States Naval Aviator with over 34 years of combined aviation experience and over 10,000 hours in 26 types of civilian and military aircraft.  He has served as a carrier based pilot of the A-6 Intruder and has qualifications in the A-4 Skyhawk, P-3 Orion and MQ-9B Reaper.   Scott is Airline Transport Pilot rated and has led extensive CONUS/OCONUS missions for both military and civilian operations within the scope of the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security.  Recently having served as the national Deputy Director of Operations for the MQ-9B Reaper program under Customs and Border Protection, he orchestrated four full operating bases, eight long term foreign deployment sites, controlled five national MQ-9B orbits, and was integral in expanding Unmanned Aviation Systems into the national airspace architecture while working closely with the FAA.  He has also served as the acting Director of Air Operations at Cape Canaveral AFB for CBP Air and Marine Operations.

Scott has over eight years of extensive knowledge and experience at unmanned Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations as well as imagery exploitation and distribution.  He is currently involved with cutting edge programs involving NASA, DARPA, and a host of RPV advancements such as Sense and Avoid technology.  An expert on developmental unmanned aviation processes and procedures, he has the wide-ranging vision necessary to lead the RPV Aeronautics expert team forward as the national leader in large scale facility unmanned aviation program implementation.


Richard Garza has been involved in the aviation/aerospace industries for over 35 years. He is a former FAA Air Traffic Controller, serving as an instructor at two different Approach Control facilities, as well as spending over two decades at NASA’s Johnson Space Center as an FCE/EVA Mission Manager and as senior controller in spaceflight simulation training operations. Experienced sensor crew in MQ9-B Predator operations, Richard has spent the last six years developing the airspace requirements for CBP’s Air and Marine Operations UAS program. He has worked closely with ATC to develop procedures for UAS flight in Classes A, C, D, and E airspace. Most notably, he developed the South Texas Area of Operations which extends from the TX-LA border to the Big Bend area of Texas and includes over 49,000 square miles of Class A airspace His efforts have involved collaboration with numerous DoD, FAA, airport and contractor entities to develop the Letters of Agreement (LOAs), Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) and Certificates of Authorizations (COAs) required to fly UAS. His experience in COA development also includes time-sensitive emergency COAs to support natural and man-made disasters.

Richard is a leading expert on UAS regulatory process facilitation and has extensive experience developing procedures and agreements for UAS implementation including numerous domestic and foreign large scale UAS multi-aircraft federations. His expertise and experience ensures RPV AERO will continue to be the national leader in ground breaking initiation of all forms of unmanned aviation into the national airspace system.


John W. Priddy is a nationally recognized subject matter expert on UAS operations.  He successfully led the first non-DoD MQ-9 deployment in 2012 and developed the first non-DoD MQ-9 training program. A Master Army Aviator and rated as an Airline Transport Pilot, John’s 7800 hour international deployment flight experience ranges from AH-64 attack helicopters to Boeing 747s.  He has had a leading role in the organizational development and subsequent proof of concepts in major UAS firsts including civil support to FEMA, radiological nuclear collection testing, and UAS operations in the maritime domain.  As the head of a large U.S. Government unmanned aviation operation, he developed an incredibly efficient and revolutionary information and product distribution network which allows for near real-time exploitation of airborne data and customer products over a non-classified architecture.

John has served in many leadership roles and spearheaded numerous ground breaking projects while heading the UAS program for a major government organization. His wide-ranging contemporary operational and regulatory knowledge is an integral part of RPV AERO’s safe, results driven organization.


Drew Gellerson is a veteran professional pilot with extensive experience and education in aviation safety and management. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot rating that reflects more than 20 years of experience and 7,000 flight hours. With a safety background forged in the U.S. Air Force, he managed flight operations in both manned and unmanned aircraft programs for nearly two decades and currently manages Air Safety and Mishap Investigations for an organization operating numerous fixed-wing, rotor-wing, and UAS aircraft.  His instructional and managerial background in unmanned aircraft includes General Atomics MQ-1 and MQ-9, Boeing Scan Eagle, and DRS Technologies in addition to several developmental prototypes.

Drew has substantial involvement in developmental safety and training programs with a focus on UAS Safety Management System (SMS) protocols.  He is a graduate of the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering as well as the U.S. Navy and USAF Safety schools.  His practical experience managing and coordinating manned and unmanned accident investigations with several public and commercial entities positions Drew perfectly to lead RPV AERO’s charge to be the world’s leader in UAS safety and compliance.



RPV Aeronautics is a full service company serving large scale commercial or government entities who require high end consulting, class 4 UAS operations or Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) execution with complete data analytics and actionable product delivery inside or outside the United States of America.


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